Email Marketing & Outreach

The most effective and economical way to stay in touch

Email Marketing & Outreach

The most effective and economical way to stay in touch

You’ve got mail!

Email marketing is hands-down the best way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects. We keep your business on the mind of your clientele by sending relevant, timely, and interesting information on just the right basis to your database of contacts. All of our email marketing is designed to look and feel like your web site and bring you contacts into your sales funnel.

Relevant and Timely

We craft visually appealing emails that go out to your contacts on a regular basis. Keeping customers in the loop on your endeavors, promotions, and relevant info is key to nurturing relationships. Whether you have a large or small list of contacts, we can handle the heavy lifting of designing and sending your periodic communications.

We Source Mailing Lists

If you need to reach out to new contacts, we can provide both email lists as well as physical address lists for traditional mailings. Our lists are clean, up to date, and not created until you order using a proprietary technology that keeps our lists much more up-to-date than other sources.

Contact Management

We can help tailor your email marketing efforts by providing differentiation services within your contact database. That way, you can send emails that are tailored to the specific needs of your different clients, or even on different frequencies depending on the customer’s desire.

Campaign Management & Reporting

Our email services include complete tracking of your success rates. For every campaign we send, we provide you with a detailed analysis of the seed, including bounce rate, open rate, click-throughs, and tons of other info. We can track your email list users and even remarket to those who did or didn’t open your emails.

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